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Quick Tip #7
Drum Sander ~ Breathe Easier!

Sometimes highly figured woods are difficult to plane. That’s when I go to the 16 – 32 drum sander because it never fails to smooth surfaces flawlessly. And that’s a fact! The key is to use 80 grit first, then finish it with 100 grit. Changing grits takes all of two minutes, so the spring loading device is perfect. No tools are required to change abrasives.

I believe that this drum sander reduces hand sanding by 75%. It is one remarkable tool. Plus the dust collection (used with a 1,200 cfm 1 micron filter) is superb.

Drum Sander

Grit Tip:
Only take super light passes to extend the life of the abrasive!

Material Tip:
Always feed boards with the cup down to the table. Better yet, S4S the work piece first, so the board is flat before sanding. 

Specialty Tool Tip:
Use the support tables on the in and out feed to eliminate sanding snipe. Plus, lift the board lightly on each end during feeding for better sanding results.

Accessory Tip:
Use an abrasive rubber cleaning stick to keep the abrasive clean and to extend abrasive life.

Safety Tip:
Never, ever do anything that exposes skin to moving abrasives. Think before acting! All manuals explain common sense techniques worth reading and following!

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