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Quick Tip #8
Shaper ~ excellent capacity and versatility!

I think most people look at a shaper like a high-powered router table. Truth is this versatile tool is the perfect complement to expanded woodworking. The bigger cutters produce larger profiles (for instance, bigger ogees on raised panel edges) and better joints because of longer tenons. Large bits simply are more versatile and open up more woodworking possibilities.


Cutter Tip:
Take light cuts for extended shaper cutter life. I like to remove no more than 1/16th of an inch per pass.

Material Tip:
End grain cuts can tear out so back the work piece with a supporting sacrificial board.

Specialty Tool Tip:
Feather boards can be used in the miter slots and the fence to produce better cutting support – especially on narrow work pieces.

Accessory Tip:
Matched sets of stile and rail cutters make doorframe construction a breeze. The mating profiles always match.

Safety Tip:
Always take light cuts for control. And use push blocks to secure the work piece to the table and against the fence.

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