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Quick Tip #9
Drill Press ~ too good to be true!

Drill Press

Drilling accurate holes is the job for drill presses. It also doubles as a power-mortising machine when it is outfitted with a mortising attachment. One often-overlooked function of the drill press is that is can be a phenomenal sanding system. There are pneumatic and flexible sanding drum attachments that use an endless variety of abrasives.

Be sure to set the drill press to the proper speed for the various bits, tools and jigs. A good ambient air cleaner is a handy tool to have nearby to catch the fine dust.

The new laser X centering lines are fantastic! Plus new drill press table innovations allow for X and Y table tilting. Perfect for chair making applications. New table designs have “t” slots for clamp use and mounting jigs and fixtures. Table redesigns are ribbed so clamping around the table edges is much easier. Drill presses have now entered the 21st century!

Bit Tip:
Always select the right drill press speed to match the bit. Refer to the manual’s speed chart.

Material Tip:
I like to use clamps to secure work pieces to the table before drilling.

Specialty Tool Tip:
The mortising attachment is a perfect way to make mortises on the drill press. Set the drill bit in the mortising chisel 1/8” deeper that the lowest edge of the chisel. This gives the chisel room to work.

Accessory Tip:
Vise like clamps can be inserted directly in the new “t” slots for fast and easy work piece holding.

Safety Tip:
Large diameter drill bits and forsterner bits have to be run at the proper reduced speed settings.

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