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http://jimfosterwoodcarvings.webs.com/ (Jim Foster from season 20 episode 2002)

https://www.facebook.com/BurnettsCustomWoodshop (John Burnett's Custom Woodshop from season 20 episode 2010)

Glossary of Terms

Just starting out in Woodworking? Below is a quick description of the most common terms used throughout this series and in the woodworking trade:

Applied Carving ~ background which is worked separately and then applied, rather than being worked in place.

Bead ~ a semicircular piece of moulding.

Bench Dog ~ a peg standing proud of the bench surface.

Boister ~ shoulder

Blind ~ a term used to describe joinery whose mating surfaces do no protrude through the face or end grain of the pieces being joined. Example: blind Mortise and tenon joint.

Burl ~ a knotty growth from a tree with a convoluted, complex grain.

Moulding ~ a strip of material with various cross sections used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration.

Throughout the series, Scott Phillips offers various books and websites to help aid in the education and learning of new techniques in woodcraft.

Scott's Recommended
Woodworking books:

Antique Furniture

In the 18th
Century Style

Furniture Details

Shaping Wood

Case Furniture





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