About Scenic Stops

Scenic Stops will be on a break from production for the forseeable future. We are working on gathering more stories for future episodes and giving some thought to combining past episodes into "Themed" shows. Stay tuned and you can always watch past episodes here on this website.

The Emmy nominated program, Scenic Stops, Season 3

Every Thursday night at 8 pm, Scenic Stops has been your personal tour guide across Northwest Ohio! We have taken you on an adventure every week, bringing you the Unique, Unusual and Unknown stories of people and places right here in Northwest Ohio! In Season 1 we toured museums and galleries, and met wonderful folks including car-collectors in Bluffton, Jazz musicians in Toledo, an ice-carver in Napoleon, and folks making delicious foods: chocolatiers at Dietsch’s in Findlay, Marsha’s Buckeye’s in Perrysburg, Cheese-mongers in Defiance, and even learned about winemaking at Fireland’s Winery in Sandusky!

Season 2 contained many more great stories including hot air balloon rides, canoeing the Ottawa River with the Northwest Ohio River Runners, pheasant hunting in Grover Hill, auto racing, juggling, more historic museums and beautiful gardens. We also meet some award-winning cooks dishing up delicious pies, pizza and bratwurst!

Season 3 has more adventures in store for your viewing pleasure such as, an artist that forges metal sculptures, and another that carves with a chainsaw. With everything from a tennis camp, board-game parlor, painters, candy makers and festivals are covered in this exciting season.

If you missed an episode, individual segments can be watched here under the Find A Stop tab, complete episodes can be viewed at wbgu.org under the Watch Programming tab.

Repeats will run on Thursdays at 8pm on WBGU-TV! Visit wbgu.org for complete program listings and catch-up on the episodes you missed!




With Host Kathleen Phipps