Oliver House
Oliver House in Toledo, Ohio
27 Broadway St • Toledo OH 43604 • 419-241-1253
At 150 years old, The Oliver House is unlike any place in Toledo (or anywhere else for that matter). Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Historic American Buildings Survey, this pre-Civil War hotel is as active as ever. It is currently the home of the Maumee Bay Brewing Co., which produces craft ales, lagers, and Buckeye Beer, the trademark sizzle of Rockwell's Steakhouse, the impeccable leisure of Rockwell's Lounge, the home-brewed vibes of the Maumee Bay Brew Pub, the wonderful collection of beer memorabilia in the Toledo Brewing Hall of Fame Museum, the classic European charm of Petit Fours Patisserie, the urban appeal of The Cafe, the Oliver House Events, offering unique banquet and private room venues, exceptional beer and wine section of The Middle Grounds Market, the food and fun of Mutz, plus townhouses, the South Wing Gallery, and the entertainment of the North Coast Theatre. It's simply a great place to be -- in a whole lot of old and new ways!