Maria Stein Shrine of Holy Relics
Holy Shrine in Maria Stein, Ohio
• Maria Stein OH 45860 • 419-925-4532
The Maria Stein Shrine of Holy Relics was featured in season two of Scenic Stops, an original program on WBGU-TV in Bowling Green, Ohio. The museum and grounds are located in Maria Stein, Ohio and serve as a pilgrimage endpoint for visitors to see the relics of the saints, and pray in their honor. On the grounds of the shrine, visitors can see over a thousand relics of the saints, both first class and second class, making it the second largest collection of relics in the US. WBGU-TV would like to thank Sister Regina Albers, Sister Barbara Ann Hoying, Ann McGuire and the Maria Stein Shrine of Holy Relics for letting us explore your scenic stop!