Society for Creative Anachronism
Medieval Reenactment in Perrysburg, Ohio
29100 West River Rd. • Perrysburg OH 43551 • 419-874-4121
The Society for Creative Anachronism was featured in season two of Scenic Stops, an original program on WBGU-TV in Bowling Green, Ohio. The Middle Kingdom gathers around Ohio and the surrounding states, and the events draw nearly 1,000 participants who dress in medieval armor and partake in events including horse riding, fencing and even a middle-ages battle. The SCA started 30 years ago in California as a college event, and has grown into 19 kingdoms around the globe. WBGU-TV would like to thank Caterina, Tobie Beck, Dogg, and the SCA members of the Middle Kingdom for letting us explore your scenic stop!