Denny Kopp: Guitar Maker
Guitar Maker on Catawba Island
PO Box 122 • Gypsum OH 43433 • 419-618-1445
Kopps String Instruments began in the late 90s as a repair shop based in Republic, Ohio. Denny was kept busy maintaining the instruments of Mid-West guitarists from the Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland areas, though his goal was always to design and build guitars and the arch-top was his passion. He built his first guitar in 2000, which was an arch-top he named the Betty Swing Jazz guitar. While continuing to build arch-tops he worked on the design of a carved Semi-Hollow electric, which he called the Model 419, which quickly grew in popularity with the help of an endorsement of Australian guitarist, Mick Turner of "The Dirty Three" fame. All instruments are hand carved by Denny Kopp at his workshop located on Catawba Island on Lake Erie.