Ohio Powered Paragliding
Powered Paragliding in Bowling Green, Ohio
20683 Hull Prairie Rd • Bowling Green OH 43402 • 419-823-1270
Have you ever dreamed of running into the air with your feet lifted off the ground where you can soar through the sky like a bird? Flying a powered paraglider is like being set free to move and see the world around you in three dimensions instead of two. The feeling of freedom to navigate yourself through the air in relative slow motion, compared to other aircraft, is dreamlike. You are not racing through the air like you might drive your car on the interstate. It’s more like meandering through a hilltop meadow with a fantastic panoramic view. Your 100th flight will likely take your breath away the same way your first one will. Just ask any powered paragliding pilot. The biggest problem we have is the addiction-like quality that flyable air has for us.