Spangler's Candy
Spangler's Candy in Bryan, Ohio
400 N. Portland St. • Bryan OH 43506 • 419-633-6439
In 1906 Arthur G. Spangler acquired the Gold Leaf Baking Powder Company for $450, and moved the operation to Bryan, Ohio, where he changed the name to Spangler Manufacturing Company. Spangler's have made many great candies in our long history. Spangler now makes Dum-Dums, Saf-T-Pops, Circus Peanuts, Spangler Candy Canes, and several licensed candies. Next door to the factory, the museum features historical information in a timeline fashion, along with samples of products and other artifacts from years past. A video history of the company runs continuously in the museum. Through the museum experience visitors will learn how our company grew from one man and some baking powder to the world-class hard candy company it is today.