Ford Tri-Motor: Tin Goose Restoration
Tin Goose Restoration in Port Clinton, Ohio
3255 E. State Road • Port Clinton OH 43452
The Ford Tri-motor (also called the "Tri-Motor", and nicknamed "The Tin Goose") was an American three-engine transport aircraft that was first produced in 1925 by the companies of Henry Ford and that continued to be produced until June 7, 1933. Throughout its time in production, a total of 199 Ford Tri-motors were produced. It was designed for the civil aviation market, and was also used by military units and sold all over the world. EAA "Tin Goose" Chapter 1247 was founded in 1995 by James Parker, a local private pilot who wanted to share his love of aviation with other like-minded individuals. Today there are nearly 50 active members and the chapter continues to grow. Membership is open to both pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike, with the main focus being on aviation. Whether your interest is in learning to fly, building an airplane or just hanging around the airport doing some "hangar flying", this chapter has something for you. The chapter is based at the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport (PCW) in Port Clinton, Ohio.