The Chef's Garden
Sustainable Agricultural in Huron, Ohio
900 Huron-Avery Rd • Huron OH 44839 • 419-433-4947
The Jones farm was once a traditional farm 40 years ago until a particularly nasty hailstorm in the 1980s ruined their crops and forced them into foreclosure and force them to regroup. Now, the specialty farm known as The Chef's Garden has become a farm for chefs. Everything grown is specifically requested by a chef and includes over 600 varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Co-owner Farmer Lee Jones, known for his red bow tie and overalls and a passion for his business explains how they differ from others - using crop rotation rather than chemical fertilizers to recharge the solid and refurbishing old tractors, which are gentler on the soil. Returning to the way farmers grew food 100 years ago. Over 350 chefs from around the country buy all of their produce from Farmer Lee Jones' farm and all of them agree that it is worth it! All items are hand-harvested, shipped overnight - 24 hours from ground to plate - doesn't get much fresher!